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Who is Support Ohio Schools?

An Organization that has experience winning

SOS is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to provide winning strategies and advice to levy campaigns.  Support Ohio Schools has many different package options with varying levels of support and scaffolding.  You also receive access to online matierals, webinars, and personalized visits–each depending on the package you choose.


Your district needs SOS levy Assistance

Support Ohio Schools is nearly twice as effective as running your own campaign. SOS had an 87% passage rate for additional levies in November 2015, and that winning percentage is not a misprint. The evidence is clear that SOS increases your chance of winning a levy campaign.

An Investment in knowledge pays the best interest


winning for kids!

Support ohio schools

Access to a tried and true calendar for ease of use in your levy planning.  Weekly updates that let you know where you are in your campaign, and where you should be!  Concerned about being behind?  Check the calendar and see where you are on the timeline.  Who knows? Maybe you are ahead of schedule!

The Levy Book is a 78 page manual in how to win your levy.  It has been updated with new stats and new information.  As a client, you will have access to the Levy Book both in printed and digital format!  Never enter the scary world of Levy Campaigns without being properly prepared and informed!

With Support Ohio Schools (SOS) you will be prepared with a webpage template for you campaign.  The website can be customized for your materials, FAQ’s, Donations, and Volunteers.  The website will be easy to maintain and add up-to-the-minute information by almost anyone that knows how to type.  ​

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We Won! Many thanks for your support in passing our levy. The Granville Schools Issue 1 levy passed by a 182 vote margin (51.7%/48.3%). I'm convinced that the priority we put on face to face and direct phone communications helped the levy pass.
Thomas Miller
Granville Levy Committee Member
Working with Jerry at Support our Schools (SOS) was just what we needed. Jerry has a great way of letting everyone know what is expected of them and the importance of following the guidelines to a successful campaign. The data SOS provides is excellent.
John Thomas
Public Relations Director, Edgewood City Schools

we are inventive

Get Creative Solutions For Your Levy

Support Ohio Schools Will Work With You For Ways To Support Your Levy!    Our Base Package Will Help To Make Your Levy More Successful.  We Will Work With You And Determine The Level Of Support We Feel You Need, And We Can Deliver Much Needed Help At Your Budget And Price-Point.  

we have knowledge

Experience When and Where You Need It

The Support Ohio Schools Team Has Unique Experiences That They Will Bring To Your District’s Levy.  From Former Local And State School Board Members, Lobbyists With Government Experience, Communications And Marketing Specialists, and Former Teachers.  Support Ohio Schools Has The Expertise That Your School District Needs!

winning for kids!